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Manage Dog Club Members by using a software


Being a dog show application is one thing, but allowing a dog club or a dog organization such as a kennel club to manage his membership is a completely different story. 
Just imagine yourself, how many things are related to a member of a club. He might deserve discounts, notifications, private access to a members area on the site, mailing list, invoices, membership start & end dates and plenty more things, on top of it you have to combine with GDPR rules, cause you have to respect your users' privacy. 

We at Dogg.Dog understands that. therefore we allow dog organizations to manage their members in a smart and easy way under our platform. 
The set of features we are giving will allow a dog club to enjoy more than 60 features related to members' management - and most importantly, will allow the club to keep growing and manage everything in scale. 
The following screenshot is taken from the members' management screen and presents some of the features inside it - 

  • User Avatar - to see the user's picture in order to understand the person behind the dog owner or the dog breeder. 
    User Fullname with New label in order to understand if the member is someone new. 
    Quick connect and associate user - means, you can bridge between a member on your list and a Dogg.Dog user on our platform (in case the user has a different email on the system)
    User Email address with a quick option to email the user and of course - Mass mail to all of your club members. 
    User Phone - With SMS & WhatsApp support, to quickly send messages into the user's mobile device. 
    Dogs - Number of dogs user has under his profile. 
    End Date - Quickly see when the membership is going to be expired. 
    Status of membership. 

these features make the life of a club manager or a chairman so much easier. 

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