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New Feature Born - Automatic Membership Checker


One of the great things regarding Dogg.Dog system is that it's actually taking into consideration all aspects and pain points of the dogs' world into account. 

Dogg.Dog knows to handle your club members in a smart way.


Smart? Tell me more! 

  • You can create multiple 'members list' - for example, club members, club VIP members and so on. 
  • You can export your members into your the list you've just created. 
  • The system will automatically start to manage the membership status of your members - Active, Expired, Pending. 
  • The system will remind the member about his membership in case it's going to end soon. 
  • There is an option to Enable membership payments and recurrent payments - so the system can also automatically renew a user membership!!!!
  • The system knows how to manage a user which is a club member - however, he is not a user on Dogg.Dog! 
  • If a user will register to Dogg.Dog and become a member - the system will automatically link between his membership ID and his user ID on the site based on email matching. 

What's Next? Membership Checker!

Now that we have all these features around the membership management we've exposed today a new feature called - 'Forced Membership Checker'. 

This feature will allow events organizers to turn on membership checker upon a show registration. 

The system will check the membership status - and based on that will automatically detect the user membership status and will automatically charge the user according to the Non-members price list. 


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