Manage Co-Ownership dog under Dogg.Dog system

Dogg.Dog is proud to present - Co-Ownership feature!

Raising a dog is the same as raising a real child. so why not get some help with that?

Today, most of the people around us manage their dog in a way of co-ownership. it does not matter if it's a show dog or a rescue dog, Dogg.Dog is here to help you manage everything is related to your dog. online, over the cloud.

Starting today - Dogg.Dog gives dog owners the option to add co-ownership for a specific dog under your account. 

What will it give you? 

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Version 6.0.0 Is officially out!

3 months since our last changelog update. we are working on Dogg.Dog platform on a daily basis sometimes even 20 hours per day, with several updates every day. sometimes it affects the user behavior on-site, as browsers tend to cache old files locally in order to increase site loading time. Version 6.0.0 is a big update, based on our users' feedback. this is also a big milestone for Dogg.Dog as we keep growing in the number of users, dogs, shows and user activity on our platform. 

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