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Manage Co-Ownership dog under Dogg.Dog system


Dogg.Dog is proud to present - Co-Ownership feature!

Raising a dog is the same as raising a real child. so why not get some help with that?

Today, most of the people around us manage their dog in a way of co-ownership. it does not matter if it's a show dog or a rescue dog, Dogg.Dog is here to help you manage everything is related to your dog. online, over the cloud.

Starting today - Dogg.Dog gives dog owners the option to add co-ownership for a specific dog under your account. 

What will it give you? 

  • The ability to register and pay for the same dog from different accounts. 
  • The ability to see all of the dog history and results from different accounts. 
  • The ability to manage all of the dog health care from different accounts.
  • Get a reminder to different account-based the dog co-ownership users. 

A great example of how Dogg.Dog can help a married couple to manage and raise their single dog. 

Doe family is raising Rocky, a White Swiss Shepherd puppy, John & Jane are exciting about the opportunity to raise such a dog and want to make sure, they don't miss anything. 

John - is in charge of going with Rocky to dog shows, he enters the dog to different events. and Jane always get updates about it, when and where did John enter Rocky.

Once Rocky is participating in the dog show, both Jane & John are getting the online critique to their email account. also - they can always log in to Dogg.Dog and watch Rocky statistics online. 

Jane, however, is the responsible person in the house - she is in charge of Rocky's health, she takes him to the veterinary clinic and making sure that Rocky is getting the health care he is needed. every time she is visiting the clinic, she is updating Rocky's health inside Dogg.Dog which automatically tells John, that everything was done. but just in case Jane forgot something, Dogg.Dog will remind both of them - that Rocky vaccination is not valid anymore. 

Do you want to learn how to manage your dog on multiple accounts? click here


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