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ברוכים הבאים - המועדון למונדיאורינג ודוגג.דוג

 שלום רב לכל החברים, לרגל הרצון שלנו לשפר את רמת השירות הניתן לחברים בעמותה. גם המועדון הישראלי לספורט כלבני מונדיאורינג בחר להצטרף למערכת המובילה בעולם לניהול אירועים כלבניים. מערכת דוגג.דוג.  בדף הנחיתה של המועדון - בכתובת הבאה. תוכלו לראות אירועים קרובים, טפסים לביצוע תשלומים, טפסים לחידוש חברות ועוד... כל המבחנים יפורסמו מראש ויאפשרו ...

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בדף הנחיתה במערכת, תוכלו לראות עדכונים הקשורים לחוג לכלבי רועים. כרגע אין תערוכות לרגע המצב. מקווים לחזור לשגרה בקרוב. 

Dogg.Dog is proud to present - Co-Ownership feature!

Raising a dog is the same as raising a real child. so why not get some help with that?

Today, most of the people around us manage their dog in a way of co-ownership. it does not matter if it's a show dog or a rescue dog, Dogg.Dog is here to help you manage everything is related to your dog. online, over the cloud.

Starting today - Dogg.Dog gives dog owners the option to add co-ownership for a specific dog under your account. 

What will it give you? 

Being a dog show application is one thing, but allowing a dog club or a dog organization such as a kennel club to manage his membership is a completely different story. 
Just imagine yourself, how many things are related to a member of a club. He might deserve discounts, notifications, private access to a members area on the site, mailing list, invoices, membership start & end dates and plenty more things, on top of it you have to combine with GDPR rules, cause you have to respect your users' privacy. 

3 months since our last changelog update. we are working on Dogg.Dog platform on a daily basis sometimes even 20 hours per day, with several updates every day. sometimes it affects the user behavior on-site, as browsers tend to cache old files locally in order to increase site loading time. Version 6.0.0 is a big update, based on our users' feedback. this is also a big milestone for Dogg.Dog as we keep growing in the number of users, dogs, shows and user activity on our platform. 

The weekend has arrived! New Features, Bugs fixes, and changes! our dog show software just doesn't stop, we keep working hard in order to bring our users the best there is.

As those who have organized an all-breed dog show (CAC/CACIB) are well aware, the technical aspect may be a nightmare if it is not done properly using a dog show software.

Weekend Arrived! New Features! Visit our changelog post to learn more 

One of the great things regarding Dogg.Dog system is that it's actually taking into consideration all aspects and pain points of the dogs' world into account. 

Dogg.Dog knows to handle your club members in a smart way.

We are happy to announce the launch of Dogg.Dog - a platform that was designed to solve all aspects related to the dogs' world. a complete features list - will be published soon. 

No matter if you're a dog owner, dog breeder, dog handler, dog judge, a dog club, a kennel club, event organizer - Dogg.Dog is the right place for you with a complete set of features to make your life easier.